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Conceived for railway layouts, but equally suitable for diecast model displays, dioramas, wargaming, playroom friezes and much more!
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The Backscenes in Detail

The originals of our backscenes are literally works of art, painted by Geoff in oils on individual canvases, scanned, and stitched together using computer graphics software by Neil. They are printed on top-quality grade paper to ensure that none of the exquisite detail in the originals is lost in the printing process and - as can be seen below - the backscenes are of the highest artistic quality.

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Backscene No. 1 - Mining Village

This backscene is particularly suitable for use on 'OO' and 'N' gauge model railway layouts and for displaying 1:72 scale diecast models.

Backscene No. 2 - Country Halt

This backscene is particularly suitable for use on 'O' gauge tinplate model railway layouts and was originally produced specifically to reflect the charming simplicity of Hornby's clockwork 'O' gauge series. It also works well as a diorama backdrop for the more naive 1:43 scale diecast models such as early Dinkies and Corgis and as a frieze in a bedroom or playroom.

Backscene No. 3 - Industrial Town

This backscene is particularly suitable for use on 'OO' and 'N' gauge model railway layouts, for displaying 1:72 scale diecast models and as a modern wargaming backdrop.

Backscene No. 4 - Thomas Country

This backscene is particularly suitable for any Thomas the Tank Engine layout, whether it be railway, or plastic, wood or diecast models in the Thomas theme It also makes a wondeful frieze for a child's room.

Backscene No. 5 - Harbour View

This backscene is particularly suitable for a coastal layout in 'OO', 'N' or 'Z' gauge, in either the steam or diesel eras.

The Backscenes in Use

The commercial side of Quality Backscenes is now fairly well advanced and we have received a number pictures of backscenes being used by our customers, and some of them are displayed below. However, we would love to receive more and we would encourage those of you who have bought from us to send us a few shots, so that we can post them in our Gallery and give you your moment of fame!
We have received the pictures below from Simon, an HRCA member who lives in France, who asked us to provide some bespoke additions to our Mining Village backscene for his vintage, mainly Hornby, 'O' gauge layout. He was very happy with the end result and we were equally pleased to see how well this backscene worked with the larger scale.
Recently, we had great fun producing a bespoke backscene for a client in Worcestershire who has a wonderful 'O' gauge layout depicting Welshpool in the 1920s. The part of the layout to be attended to already had a fairly standard backscene mounted on the backboard and the requirement was to produce an 'overlay' backscene, the new and critical parts of which were to be cut out and fixed over the current backscene.

So far so good, but the detail - of a marshalling yard, extensive sheep pens, middle-distance housing and a large Dutch barn - were to be drawn from two grainy photos from a book and commissioned photographs of sheep pens taken at Gaerwen livestock market (see right, together with the best picture we had of the in-situ backscene).

And, to make the project even more exciting, as you will see, the two grainy photos were in black and white and all detail from them needed to be coloured!

But the challenge was too good to miss and the 'before and after' images are shown below.

The client was thrilled with the result and the final picture below shows the new backscene 'overlay' in place.
We received the picture below from Simon Pontin, an American 'N' gauge modeller from Webster, New York, who has used bespoke resizing of our medium No. 1 Mining Village backscene in full to great effect. His layout assumes that there never was a war with Germany, because the only engines that will run on Kato Unitrack are German or Japanese, and he chose the track before choosing the running stock. Simon tried several Peco units but always had trouble with the points. The layout was planned to experiment with automatic train control and was taken from a Kato track plan. It's DCC using Traincontroller Bronze. And it looks great!
We have also recently received a couple of shots from a Northern Irish client, modelling in 'OO' gauge, and who has used our large No. 5 backscene, Harbour View, to great effect, as you will see below. Many thanks!
The pictures below were received from a 'OO' gauge GWR modeller in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, for whom we produced a custom backscene from his own photographs. Thank you, Colin!
And below are a couple of pictures of the No. 2 backscene, Country Halt, deployed in the intended mode on Neil's somewhat embryronic Hornby clockwork 'O' gauge static layout. In this case the backscene is 30 cm high and a customised 4 m 75 cm long.

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