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Conceived for railway layouts, but equally suitable for diecast model displays, dioramas, wargaming, playroom friezes and much more!
Other Services

The Backscenes section describes the currently-available range from Quality Backscenes, together with the various standard formats used for each and the media on which they can be purchased. However, as all aspects of production of the backscenes - from original painting, through photographing and computer manipulation, to printing and packaging - are very much 'hands on', we can offer a number of special services to those who have a particular requirement, whether it be for backscene size, medium, topic or - indeed - exclusivity.

One 'special' that we think may be of particular interest is an integrated version of any of the backscenes whereby the end section is seamlessly combined with the central sections on one or both ends.

Prices will necessarily have to be quoted on request but in many instances these may not be much more than the figures quoted for the standard items.

Variations on a Theme

Each backscene presented in The Backscenes section is available as standard on semi-matt, 160-gsm paper and in a number of sizes. However, if your layout demands a backscene of a very specific size or if your technique for mounting the backscene requires it on a very particular medium, we might be able to help.

Here are a few of the changes we can ring with our 'standard' backscenes, but if you feel we could help you in any other way with the currently-available backscenes, please don't hesitate to ask us via our Contact Us page.

Size Variations

As a special service we can print any of the backscenes up to a maximum of 30 cm deep, but also much smaller if you wished, say for a 'T' gauge railway layout or a 1:200+ scale diorama with, of course, a corresponging variation in length.

Aspect Ratio Variations

However, it is possible - within certain practical limits - to alter the aspect ratio of most of our backscenes, to help with a precise requirement you might have. We would need to talk to you about exact sizes, but most of the backscenes could take a 5-10% alteration in aspect ratio without any noticeable distortion. So, for example, the depth of a backscene could be kept as standard but the length could be made shorter or longer, at least to a degree. Similarly, the length could remian fixed but the backscene could be produced with a somewhat non-standard height. And, of course, both dimensions could be changed while varying the ratio of one to the other.

Different Media

Our backscenes are available as standard on semi-matt, 160-gsm paper, but it is possible to print them on full gloss, full matt or 'canvas' and at various other paper weights, so please do ask if you have a requirement that you don't see offered. We can always try!

Truly Bespoke

We are always prepared to consider producing new backscenes for clients against their photographs or suggestions. In such cases we would discuss with you the possibility of our adding the resulting backscenes to our catalogue, or giving you exclusivity to the pictures and indeed offering you the original artwork and graphic images.

We would also be happy to consider extending or making modifications to any of the current backscenes to meet your layout requirements.

But, as we said above, if you have a requirement that we haven't mentioned but that you think we might be able to help with, please don't hestiate to Contact Us.

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